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Introducing ‘Mes que un Club’

Seaview Enterprises and our ‘Mes que un Club’ project are about: Education, Community and Sport.

We aim to promote good relations, community forums, sporting excellence, vocational education and training, welcoming and accessible facilities, best practice cross community collaboration and integration. Following the motto of FC Barcelona both Crusaders FC & Newington YC take great pride in being more than just football clubs in North Belfast.

In the short period of time from September 2012 to December 2012 our programmes have made a serious impact to a considerable number of young people across North Belfast and Newtownabbey: Champions League Project (16 primary schools/450 students), Crime Diversion Project (40 12–18 year olds), educational seminars (500 young people), Community Sports Leaders Level 2 (25 students & 2 teachers from St Patrick’s College, Bearnageeha.)

Role of Seaview Enterprises

Seaview Enterprises’ role has been revised to that of a Company by Guarantee to promote cross community activities at Seaview Stadium and elsewhere in North Belfast and Newtownabbey. SE will focus fund raising activities in seeking social grants and private donations to sustain and develop cross community activities. In accordance with corporate governance a new board will consist of three officers, a Chair; a Secretary; and a treasurer. These officers will be advised by an Advisory/Monitoring/Project Board of nominated people from known cross community backgrounds in North Belfast. Whilst a core aim of Seaview Enterprises is to promote collaboration and co-operation between Crusaders FC and Newington YC, all grant revenues and private donations sustained by SE will be independent of the activities, aims and objectives of both clubs.

The objectives of the company are to:

Aspiration for Seaview Enterprises

To become the leading Social Enterprise organisation in North Belfast/Greater Belfast/Northern Ireland developing and demonstrating best practice in all aspects of cross community collaboration and integration.

Seaview Enterprises will expand the scope and range of its activities and functions to incorporate all aspects of cross community education and training; networks and networking; through sport and wider community events and programmes.

Seaview Enterprise will seek to secure revenue streams for use in the above programmes and activities. Such revenue streams may come from further community grant awards; commercial sponsorships; fee paying programmes; local government and Assembly support.
Seaview Enterprises aims to be the leading and most comprehensive cross community events and stadium management company in advance of the proposed Giant’s Park Cross Community Sports and Recreation Village. It is envisaged that Seaview Enterprises with several years track record in promoting the ethos of the new Village will be the preferred manager of the complex.